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zygomatic implants.

when told you can't have implants, start smiling's expertise with zygomatic implants allows us to say yes you can!


Elaine, MN
Zygomatic Implant Patient


Zygoma implants are for patients with advanced bone loss in their upper jaw and can’t receive traditional implants or advanced bone grafting procedures. During surgery, two zygoma implants (a long screw-like implant—around 30-55 mm in length), are anchored in the upper jawbone, near the zygoma (cheek) bone, as well as two to four traditional implants. A temporary prosthesis will be attached the same day as the implants are placed, and stays inserted while the mouth heals and the implants integrate within the jaw. After the healing process completes, the permanent prosthesis is created and added.

Dr. Petrungaro is one of the few dental surgeons in the Chicagoland area to perform the advanced surgical protocols for the placing of longer implants into the zygoma bone in front of the skull.  This advanced procedure should only be accomplished by a highly skilled surgeon and team.


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Signs you may need zygoma implants:

- Have your face, cheeks or lips begun to sink?
- If you wear dentures, are they loose or do you need adhesives to stabilize them?
- Do you contemplate facial surgery to correct age lines?


Start Smiling Zygomatic Dental Implant Results