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Start Smiling Immediate Tooth Replacement

minimally invasive. no incisions. no sutures.

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Hossein Youssefi, Chicago, IL
Immediate Tooth Restoration + Zygoma Implant Patient


During surgery your implant is placed and the temporary tooth is attached so patients never are without teeth! The temporary tooth is made from acrylic and is custom made to have the shape and color of your teeth, and looks and feels like real teeth. The temporary tooth stays implanted through the healing process for 3 months when the bone grows around the implants and your gum tissue is sculpted to support the final look of your replacement tooth! In most cases patients return to daily activities quickly.

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The Benefits of Immediate Tooth Replacement

- Patients are never without teeth
- Requires only one surgery
- Shorter treatment time
- Helps maintain gum tissue shape and volume
- Speaking and eating are naturally easier throughout your healing phase (patients do not have to wear unstable temporary dentures or removable devices)



Start Smiling Immediate Tooth Restoration Results