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Dr. Petrungaro & The Immediate Implant Process

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Article Abstract

Dental implants have become a suitable treatment option for patients experiencing tooth loss and a popular choice among clinicians for immediate tooth replacement. Because of modifications in implant designs and development in immediate restoration and loading protocols, dental implant treatment can be reduced to a single procedure instead of multiple processes, hence providing the patient with a streamlined treatment that is typically much less invasive with immediate-tooth replacement. The purpose of this paper is to review the immediate restoration of dental implant(s) procedure and validate its position in treatment protocols by presenting success rates documented for more than 15 years and with 5000 implants. Also, recommendations for the management of different alveolar contours and defects will be presented, which have been encountered by the author when performing the immediate restoration procedure throughout this 15-year period.

Why Immediate Restoration Can Provide the Best Results

For the best dental implants in Lombard, visit Start Smiling Chicago for immediate dental implants. With our immediate restoration procedure, we are able to replace your tooth in just one surgery while maintaining or enhancing the aesthetics and support of the soft tissues around a dental implant, allowing for highly successful results.

Our immediate restoration process allows us to provide some of the best dental implants in Lombard because it gives us the ability to contour the exact gum tissue around the tooth. Unlike the conventional multi-step implant process when a healing abutment is placed, with immediate restoration process there is no healing time for the gum to be countered in a different position. This allows the surgeons to completely customize the emergence of the gum tissue around the implant, which you cannot get with the multi-step approach.  For this reason immediate restoration can give similar, if not better, results. Patients also can notice that these are the best dental implants in Lombard because the aesthetic result is much better than the multi-step implant process.

Free Consultation with Dr. Petrungaro at Start Smiling Chicago

At Start Smiling Chicago, we understand that being able to achieve a natural looking gum line with a biologically sound implant is important to patients. This is why Dr. Petrungaro is proud to have published journals about the immediate dental implant procedure and taught the practice to dentists around the world. If you are looking for the best dental implants in Lombard, contact Start Smiling Chicago’s dental implant centers for a free consultation with Dr. Petrungaro.

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