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Helping patients reach their dental health goals is what fuels the heart and passion of the team at Start Smiling. We are committed to provide every person who chooses our practice with the best research, innovation and dedicated care available in dental surgery. We understand your concern and pain, and will create a customized treatment to help you heal, feel good—and start smiling again.

Please also feel free to give us a call at (855) 7MY-SMIL for any questions you might have, or see our contact us page to submit any questions you want featured on this page! 



Can I only treat the areas that are bothering me?

My staff and I will diagnose the problem and only treat the areas of disease. You will not be “categorized” into a standard treatment plan.

How fast am I able to get back to work and other activities?

The Start Smiling team takes pride in helping patients recover completely in a short amount of time without pain medication. Also, our patients experience minimally invasive, non-incision, non-suture procedures. Generally, no swelling is noted, nor facial disfiguration, so you’re back to normal in no time. In addition, we provide multiple checkup appointments beyond 1 month to evaluate progress at no additional cost.

How will my immediate teeth/final teeth look?

Recreating the natural esthetics of your smile is a passion for the entire Start Smiling Chicago team. As a surgeon, I have been honored to share my esthetic implant results internationally and become known for my pioneering techniques to maintain natural soft tissue contours around dental implants and natural teeth. Replacing your tooth, or teeth, with dental implants should be a simple transition and should mimic nature in every way. This is our goal and commitment.

Will i have pain?

With the state of the art technology, and minimally invasive approaches, I'm proud to say that many of our patients never experience uncomfortable pain levels. Your required procedures can be accomplished effortlessly and with no pain both during and after the procedure.

Can I afford treatment?

We customize your treatment to treat only the affected areas, and can customize a payment plan or payment options to help you get your healthy smile back and enjoy a stable and strong bite you can enjoy for years to come.

Do you guarantee your results?

We are so confident in our results that we guarantee them in writing for 5 years.

Can I avoid seeing multiple doctors and going to different locations?

Yes, because our focus is on periodontics, oral surgery and prosthodontic dentistry, we are able to streamline a continuity of care for you in one location to save you time and money.

What happens if I ignore my situation?

You will continue to experience bone and tissue loss, possibly get an infection and need hospitalization.