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Krystyna decided to make a change: The Life-changing quad zygoma implant procedure


Krystyna has had dentures for many, many years. Due to the denture she had, she was not able to taste food properly, she has had speech issues and she dealt with having to reapply denture adhesive upwards of 10 times per day. She wanted a permanent fix that would yield beautiful results so she could enjoy a happy and healthy smile once and for all. Due to her extensive bone loss, Dr. Petrungaro at Start Smiling Chicago performed a Quad Zygoma Implant Procedure, which is a revolutionary technique for patients who are told they cannot have dental implants.

At Start Smiling, we have the expertise to tell all of our patients YES instead of NO. During your free consultation, we will discuss a customizable treatment plan for you that only addresses the areas needing enhancement/ restoration.

We're so happy for Krystyna and her beautiful new smile!


Start Smiling Featured Patient Story

PEg's Long Journey: Previously Failed Implants Treated with the Zygomatic Implant Technique

Peg had her first dental procedure done 3 years and 8 months ago. She endured a lot of unfortunate experiences at a previous larger clinic within the Chicagoland area. When Dr. Petrungaro was contracted to do Peg's revision case, she was having a significant problem with both of her jaws. Her previous surgeon had cut through her sinuses, which left Peg with pain, discomfort and sinus issues. 

Now, Peg can partake in the dinners she organizes for her Church, as well as enjoy foods like she hadn't been able to for years: salads, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, etc! Watch Peg's story below to hear how she started smiling again, and just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday!


Start Smiling Featured Patient Story

Branko "Can't Believe It!": Immediate Restoration

Branko had implants placed previously by a different clinician and this conventional process took him over a year in total. Branko was having issues losing his front 9 teeth, and he was shocked to hear that we could remove the teeth, place the implants, restore his bone and then immediately put on a very aesthetic temporary so he could get back to his daily activities THAT DAY! 

Watch the video below to see how Branko started smiling again in less than two hours!


Start Smiling Featured Patient Story 

Elaine's Transformation: Zygomatic Implants

Elaine had dentures ever since she was 15, and now she is 72. 25 years ago, Elaine saw a dentist that placed plugs into her dentures which sat into the tissue of her palate. The doctor told her she would only have to have this for 1-5 years. 25 years later, bringing us to this past summer, Elaine was on vacation and was suffering with a big bubbled abscess on the top of her mouth. She knew she needed to do something, so she traveled to Start Smiling Chicago and saw Dr. Paul.

Watch the video below to experience Elaine's journey and find out how she started smiling again!


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