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Dental implants

A dental Implant is a titanium screw (fixture) that is surgically placed and will, after a prescribed healing phase, support a permanent dental implant restoration, bridge or crown.


Cosmetic Gum Procedures

Periodontal plastic surgery allows for alterations to the patient's gum line in order to preserve or enhance the appearance of their gums for a more cosmetic look. 



The All-on-4® treatment concept approach allows for a full arch (upper or lower jaw) to be restored with 4 dental implants supporting an acrylic or zirconia bridge. 


Advanced Bone Loss

In the upper jaw, with advanced bone loss, regular dental implants cannot be used. Dr Petrungaro utilizes Zygomatic Dental Implants in the "cheekbone" area to support your upper acrylic or zirconia permanent bridge. 


Immediate Tooth Replacement

A pioneer of this procedure, Dr. Petrungaro has perfected the art of expediting the dental implant process so that it is completed in just one visit. 


Failed Implants

Revision case treatment is a growing problem in the dental implant field. Dr. Petrungaro can, in many cases, reverse the process of a failing implant and potentially save your dental implant restoration. 


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